Artist’s Statement:

I revel in the feeling that washes over me when I look up into the night sky and see the stars in the infinity of space. I get the same feeling when I am sitting on a beach and watching the waves dance with the wind, or in the mountains watching eagles fly through the trees: an infinity of possibility. I feel like that is art at its core. When I paint, I try to surrender control and let the paint do what it wants to do while guiding it where I feel it should go. My current focus is on Watercolors. They are like painting with an undercurrent; you can’t control it, you just have to ride along with it. This makes every painting I do with them an adventure. My intention is that my artwork evokes an emotional response from the viewer that reminds them of some fond memory of a vacation they took, or the sense of wonder they felt the first time they picked up a comic book and saw a superhero that they identified with.

I try to blend traditional techniques, modern pop culture themes, and new experiments into a composition that will evoke the same sense of wonder and endless possibility that I experience when I look into the night sky.


Sarah is originally from Littleton, Colorado. She spent her formative years in the Rocky Mountains, and her teenage years and early 20’s traveling around the country attending concerts, markets, art shows and festivals. In 2002 she, her family moved to Alabama. She decided that was the perfect time to pursue her passion with her Art and began working towards an Associates Degree in Studio Art at a community college, and she enrolled with The Art Institute for a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. After graduation, she moved to the beautiful and art filled city of Huntsville, Alabama where she has a working studio, gallery and shop in the old historic Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment building, the largest privately owned arts facility in the United States. Her studio is located on Lowe Mill’s 2nd floor, south. Studio #273. Just follow the red line from the elevator! :

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